From Left: 54" Rod, 48" 3/4" Angle, Angle Frame & 48" Black Rod (w/ step shown)



48" Black Angle

Our most popular stake!

The 48" Black Angle's popularity rises from it's durability

and simplicity.  The stake is made of heavy duty 3/4" Angle Iron and contains

no welds or joints...  therefore eliminating weld breaks occasionally associated

with other stake designs.  Available with a step, the 48" Black Angle is painted in high gloss

black enamel for added resilience from the elements.  Five Holes are pre-drilled

in the stakes for placement of standard 18" x 24" and 24" x 24" coro yard signs

as well as up to two riders all at the same time.  The simplicity of this design and

the heavy gauge of the iron makes the 48" 3/4" Black Angle Iron Stake the

most durable stake available.

See product illustration below.





Without Steps




With Steps