Galvanized Metal Hardware with a Stud & 2 Wing Nuts:


This options is our most popular hardware product. 

The stud & 2 wing nut combination is appropriate for most stake

applications including our AnacAcha Rod & Angle Stakes.

Box of 100 sets of Metal Hardware (Stud & 2 Wing Nuts)
Price: $19.00 Shipping: $5.94

Boxes Desired:


Galvanized Metal Hardware with a Stud, 2 Wing Nuts & Washer:


This option adds a washer to the standard stud & 2 wing nut option.  The washer helps

to alleviate stress on the corrugated sign material in areas prone to high winds.  Washers also help

to distribute the pressure of the wing nuts on a greater surface area of the sign material and thus

reduce the risk of thread stripping and locking.  This hardware option is compatible with AnacAcha

Rod & Angle stakes and is suggested for use with Angle Stakes in areas of high wind or when

signs are to be left on site for periods of over 12 months.

Box of 100 sets of Metal Hardware (Stud & 2 Wing Nuts with Washer)
 Price: $22.00 Shipping: $6.35

Boxes Desired:


Plastic Hardware with a Bolt, Wing Nut & Washer:


Plastic hardware gained popularity thanks to it's availability in white and its subsequent ability

to more easily blend in with standard white sign backgrounds.  This option is easy to assemble and

performs well in standard real estate applications.  While some customers swear by it, other complain

that the bolts shear when hammering sign assemblies into the ground.  Subsequently, we'd suggest

grounding your stake before attaching the signs with the plastic hardware.  This option is otherwise perfect

for most urban applications when the signs are to be on site up to one year.

Box of 100 sets of Plastic Hardware (Bolt, Wing Nut and Washer)
Price: $16.00 Shipping: $5.15

Boxes Desired: